Daring Myself

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My childhood memories of playing truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat are ringing in my ear. The laughter and fun it brought was something brightly enjoyed. Am I daring myself? or Am I shrinking back in fear? In the midst of all that’s going on, I’m choosing to dare.  I’m daring myself to….

Completely love the woman that I’ve become and the woman that  I’m becoming. The stages of life are teachers in an outside classroom with many lessons to learn. My 20s have been an interesting journey and now that I’m in my late twenties I see the growth, but at the same time I’m reminded that I still have a long way to go.

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Believe in spite of what I see and feel. Sometimes the circumstances seem like heavy weights trying to shatter me into pieces. Doubts try to threaten that it’s all a waste of time and useless.


To try new things and explore them.

To keep going on…

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To live courageously, to really LIVE!!!

What will you dare yourself to do?

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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