Always been an underdog. The one that seemed like they will struggle and always be at a disadvantage. Tried hard with this and that, but through it all I have been kept. I have broke down and cried hard many times. More times than I would like to think. And then all the cloudiness begins to sink. Some could see and hear my tears on the outside, but the pain was like something stabbing me sharp and violently on the inside. There were some things on my heart that I couldn’t understand and that’s the reason I could no longer pretend. Rise, rise above it all and no matter what get up after each fall. See it may look like things could never happen and that you will fail each time you set out to sail, but that’s not the end of that tale. In Christ we always have the victory, even if it seems like success was never meant to be.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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