5 Lessons from the Rain


Today it’s raining here in Bermuda. Pouring raining! I’m glad that I’m nicely inside. 🙂  Well I thought of some lessons that we could learn from the rain.

1) Rain is apart of growth: Just like natural rain is needed for water and food supply, rainy seasons of our lives are needed for growth and development.

2) Rain is cleansing: As the rain naturally pours down and washes away things, so does the stormy rains that can help wash away the clutter; hindrances and other things that are no longer needed in our lives.

3) Rain is refreshing: Spiritual rain can restore our souls and renew us within.

4) Rain pushes us beyond comfort: For those of us that love to stay dry and warm, when sudden rain comes and there’s no shelter near; we have no choice but to keep doing what we need to do in order to get where we want to go.

5) Rain produces something: Rain is productive. Without it we wouldn’t see the beauty of our environment.

Thank God for rain!

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

2 thoughts on “5 Lessons from the Rain

  1. Hey Crystal,

    I have been reading through your page and it is great! I decided to comment on this post because i had the same thought about rain just the other day. I thought of how rain brings life and i always thank God for rain because it fills up my tank (lol). Of course rain in the spiritual is restoring and cleansing.

    Keep up the good work!


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