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Learning Contentment

That feeling of dissatisfaction seeking deep within. The thoughts of needing to be further and lacking stick close to the mind. I have an overload of accomplishments, goals and experiences that I desire to meet. My age tells me I have a lot of time because I’m young.  Why does that urge tell me the sooner and quicker the better? Why do we put too many time deadlines on possibilities and potential? And allow it to drain, stain and remain. Yet through us God has accomplished and achieved things that many people do and reach at a much older age than us.  Discontentment reminds us once again about all the things that went wrong, have been a great challenge and struggle. Contentment where are you?  We should be happy, joyful and satisfied. Praying, but still feel like we are in a great enormous pit.

The bible clearly encourages us to be content in all circumstances. Although some of us may find it harder than others, it starts with resting with the Father and trusting Him every step of the way. It’s about putting our eyes on Him completely. Don’t get us wrong there are things we are thankful and grateful for, but then there is the comparisons, expectations, demands  from outward and within. Time is in God’s hands and if we really believe He has the best plan then we have to learn to accept that this mapped out life and self  pre – planned script is not what we need to cling on. I’m telling myself this. Learn to be content even in difficulty and with your disappointments.

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Psalm 51: 17 “The sacrifices of God are a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.”


Broken…that place where all seems empty and we long for some peace. In the beginning we had a huge zeal and excitement and then some issues took place that feels like a knife has cut in so deep. On fire and active in ministry, but then a dryness comes through. Who do we turn to? Who can we talk with? Yet we are supposed to show the strength, but whispers say why don’t you give up and faint. The process is meant for us to be yielded to His will. When we are broken that’s were God can have His way in us. Many broken people walking around filled with hurt on their hearts and starting to doubt, but need to realize or remember that this broken place was never meant to harm them, but to prepare them to be able to minister and reach those who will be placed on our path to make a difference in. See it’s not for us, but it’s all for Him that the new work can begin. When we are broken and it seems like God is not there and the devil speaks lies that our Heavenly Father doesn’t care. Where are you Father? Please take this wounded pain away. If we never feel the sorrow, how will we truly rejoice in our tomorrow? The mistakes and shortcoming don’t have to be constant torment. We can repent and ask God to forgive us. He loves us that much to cleanse it every time. This is not a reason to on purpose do things that will have a bitter consequence, but to lean on His grace because without it we won’t last in this race.

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Taking a Stand


Fear tries to grip a hold of the courage on the inside and threaten the hope that is unseen. Someone must take a stand. Even in the face of compromise and obstacles, taking a stand and lending a thoughtful hand. One may be mocked and at times feel confused, but a stand is where they will land. We all believe in something that radiates from the heart, but will we agree to take our part even when we don’t know where to start? God in His word encourages us to stand “having done all to stand.” Why do we always want to comprehend? There is faith that doesn’t have to see, but in spite of pain will stand in the everlasting army. Marching on and on to the music of the harmony and holding on in the upbeat of the vision. Now is the time for us to stand even after we get weak and bend. The whisper will say why do so after all that’s already happened? When you believe you keep going cause you know that this is not the end. That somewhere and somehow the wonder of God’s goodness is living, breathing, beating and screening. It’s here for all to see. Will you take that stand and join in on the harmony?

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Embrace Your Artistry


I was walking home from town and as I was enjoying the walk, this lady that saw me grow up came in passing. She asked me, ‘Where are you working now?’ I told her that I’m just doing freelance writing part-time. Every time someone asks me are you working or something close to it, I have that dread feeling of discontent. The lady stopped me in my tracks and poured lots of encouragement and wisdom on me. Little did I know my walk home would lead me on a message concerning the art and beauty within me. This messenger encouraged me to dig deeper with my writing and to explore art more. She built me up with words that there is a lot within me and that I need to not focus on what’s going on around me. As she continued in her words, she told me not to think lowly of myself because I’m not doing the traditional living of where people expect us to be and how we should do things. Once again I was encouraged to create my own establishment of art.

Some may not know, but I’ve been interested in and explored various kinds of art. Art such as performing arts, fine arts and writing. Being creative is beautiful! We should never be ashamed of our artistry and we must learn to embrace it. Regardless of our circumstances.  Art is beauty within that sparkles outwardly in many forms. What art do have in you? Are you embracing the artistry within? Sometimes we wait to see what happens or we may have a lack of courage or motivation because of what we think we don’t have. With God we have everything that we could have never imagined. Taking small steps and then bigger ones will lead us on a brighter path. There is no limit to our art! Embrace your artistry!

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Life is a Classroom

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Life is like a classroom ready to explore. The lessons are often a variety. Some softer and others more tougher to swallow. It’s up to us to digest and take it in. Learning comes in many forms and sizes and education expands beyond a traditional setting. What are we willing to learn in this journey? Or do we secretly wish that we already had all sorts of things in it’s place and everything worked out. It was never meant to have it figured out, but to trust more, obey the leader of all leaders. Timing in life is a beat of a rhythm we learn. When, where, what and how. The clouds are not fatal, but a clear instrument to brighter days. The sunrises are  with a refreshing of a new day and the sunsets teach us the calmness and need to reflect and recharge to prepare for what’s ahead. We have a map, compass and guide. Let’s learn in this classroom of life and keep trying in the midst of what seems like a never ending fight.