Life is a Classroom

sky and line

Life is like a classroom ready to explore. The lessons are often a variety. Some softer and others more tougher to swallow. It’s up to us to digest and take it in. Learning comes in many forms and sizes and education expands beyond a traditional setting. What are we willing to learn in this journey? Or do we secretly wish that we already had all sorts of things in it’s place and everything worked out. It was never meant to have it figured out, but to trust more, obey the leader of all leaders. Timing in life is a beat of a rhythm we learn. When, where, what and how. The clouds are not fatal, but a clear instrument to brighter days. The sunrises are  with a refreshing of a new day and the sunsets teach us the calmness and need to reflect and recharge to prepare for what’s ahead. We have a map, compass and guide. Let’s learn in this classroom of life and keep trying in the midst of what seems like a never ending fight.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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