Psalm 51: 17 “The sacrifices of God are a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.”


Broken…that place where all seems empty and we long for some peace. In the beginning we had a huge zeal and excitement and then some issues took place that feels like a knife has cut in so deep. On fire and active in ministry, but then a dryness comes through. Who do we turn to? Who can we talk with? Yet we are supposed to show the strength, but whispers say why don’t you give up and faint. The process is meant for us to be yielded to His will. When we are broken that’s were God can have His way in us. Many broken people walking around filled with hurt on their hearts and starting to doubt, but need to realize or remember that this broken place was never meant to harm them, but to prepare them to be able to minister and reach those who will be placed on our path to make a difference in. See it’s not for us, but it’s all for Him that the new work can begin. When we are broken and it seems like God is not there and the devil speaks lies that our Heavenly Father doesn’t care. Where are you Father? Please take this wounded pain away. If we never feel the sorrow, how will we truly rejoice in our tomorrow? The mistakes and shortcoming don’t have to be constant torment. We can repent and ask God to forgive us. He loves us that much to cleanse it every time. This is not a reason to on purpose do things that will have a bitter consequence, but to lean on His grace because without it we won’t last in this race.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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