Learning Contentment

That feeling of dissatisfaction seeking deep within. The thoughts of needing to be further and lacking stick close to the mind. I have an overload of accomplishments, goals and experiences that I desire to meet. My age tells me I have a lot of time because I’m young.  Why does that urge tell me the sooner and quicker the better? Why do we put too many time deadlines on possibilities and potential? And allow it to drain, stain and remain. Yet through us God has accomplished and achieved things that many people do and reach at a much older age than us.  Discontentment reminds us once again about all the things that went wrong, have been a great challenge and struggle. Contentment where are you?  We should be happy, joyful and satisfied. Praying, but still feel like we are in a great enormous pit.

The bible clearly encourages us to be content in all circumstances. Although some of us may find it harder than others, it starts with resting with the Father and trusting Him every step of the way. It’s about putting our eyes on Him completely. Don’t get us wrong there are things we are thankful and grateful for, but then there is the comparisons, expectations, demands  from outward and within. Time is in God’s hands and if we really believe He has the best plan then we have to learn to accept that this mapped out life and self  pre – planned script is not what we need to cling on. I’m telling myself this. Learn to be content even in difficulty and with your disappointments.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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