Crossroad…that place where there are signs pointing in different directions. We as humans think we know what’s best and what we should do. What if the way we think things should go will only lead us into ruin? God is patiently waiting for us to just do things according to His great Master directions. Yet we beg and plead and ignore what we need. What if it takes something crazy or troubling to cause us to see what we’ve been doing all along is not your complete picture and purpose. What if something is missing? Or if the storm is shaping us so that we can soar? Every time we try to deviate, the Father’s love still pours and gives us the chance to get back on the course. The intersection where we freely get to choose is where we learn to get so desperate for the Father and heed to His perfect will. What we see now is not all that will be as we continue on we will experience a great brawn. What will we choose? Which sign will you follow? What path will you take? It may seem like everything is at loss and toss, but soon enough there will be a magnificent cause. Pause, think, breath, look, listen and then move, groove and improve. Crossroad in the race is where we pace and lean and depend on that never-changing and everlasting grace.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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