5 Lessons from Laughter

I love to have a good laugh and I’m sure many others do as well. There’s something special about laughing that can be a great boost  in our everyday lives. Below are 5 lessons from laughter. 1) Everything is not meant to be so serious. There’s a time to be serious and there’s a time toContinue reading “5 Lessons from Laughter”

Sideline Hero

Can a hero join you on the sidelines? Yesterday I was watching a movie called Abel’s Field and a few thoughts have come to me. Sometimes the person that understands your struggles and challenges and inspires you has struggles and challenges you know nothing about. When others dwell on the problems with you this specialContinue reading “Sideline Hero”

What’s In a Smile?

What’s in a smile? I was in town one day and a lady that passed me gave me a beautiful amazing smile out of nowhere. I must say that I definitely wasn’t expecting it and began to think after she done that. There are many positive effects in a smile. Smiling is more than medicineContinue reading “What’s In a Smile?”