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5 Lessons from Laughter


I love to have a good laugh and I’m sure many others do as well. There’s something special about laughing that can be a great boost  in our everyday lives. Below are 5 lessons from laughter.

1) Everything is not meant to be so serious. There’s a time to be serious and there’s a time to have fun.

2) Humor can be contagious. As laughter spreads from one person to the next, some begin to think of other things to add to the mix.

3) Laughter can bring unity among those with differences. Although people will not always agree on everything, there’s surely something they can have a chuckle on together.

4) We can get a better understanding of ourselves and others through laughter. What makes us relaxed in an environment?

5) During laughter we learn to release the situations that are bothering us and enjoy our surroundings.

What makes you laugh? How often do you have a chuckle? Go ahead and laugh hard today! 🙂

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Sideline Hero

Can a hero join you on the sidelines? Yesterday I was watching a movie called Abel’s Field and a few thoughts have come to me. Sometimes the person that understands your struggles and challenges and inspires you has struggles and challenges you know nothing about. When others dwell on the problems with you this special hero sees and expresses the potential that you have on the inside. This person cheers you while silently screaming for a release in their own life.

Being on the sidelines has its grand opportunities. That’s where character is developed. A hero comes in many forms including a handpicked stranger crossing your paths. It may even seem like you’ve known them forever. At times you may question yourself as to why that moment with them felt so meaningful to you. God moves and works through his creation. He can cause the slightest act to bring a movement of change. That person God works through may or may not even know why they are doing it, but what’s most important is that God is watching out for you and He’ll do whatever it takes to bring out the best in you.

Do you have someone who you consider a sideline hero? Are you a sideline hero? Is there someone you can pour into even though your life looks like a hurricane? It’s those little moments that are really HUGE moments that God uses an individual or group of people to bring hope and healing in a very hurting world.

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What’s In a Smile?


What’s in a smile? I was in town one day and a lady that passed me gave me a beautiful amazing smile out of nowhere. I must say that I definitely wasn’t expecting it and began to think after she done that. There are many positive effects in a smile.

Smiling is more than medicine to the soul: There are many people walking around hurting, but just a brief smile can touch them and make a difference in their day.

Smiling let’s someone know that you care: When you feel that you have no words to say, you can give a warm smile and let them know that you will pray.

Smiling gives hope: When hope is lost for many it may seem like a very long dreadful pause. Smiling lets someone know that it’s going be okay and that they will see a sun shiny day.

Smiling speaks volumes: Sometimes a gentle action is only needed and says more than words can bring.

Give the gift of a smile. What’s in your smile? How does a smile effect you?

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God is Writing My Story

pen-33077_640 I make my plans. I say this will go this way and by this time this would have happened. It will look this way and I will do it this way. Picking up the pen trying to create. God is the author of our lives, but how many times do we act like we are writing our own story? We try to get in control of what God is in control of. Acts 17: 28 says “For in Him we live, and move and have our being.”

We are not on our own and this is not our own thing. As believers we live and move in Christ. What part of the story are we trying to make our own? We are not good at doing what the Father does best. The challenges and struggles we may have never written or allowed in if it was up to us. God sees us and knows what we don’t even know about ourselves. He uses the challenges and struggles as sandpaper and tools to equip us.