What’s In a Smile?


What’s in a smile? I was in town one day and a lady that passed me gave me a beautiful amazing smile out of nowhere. I must say that I definitely wasn’t expecting it and began to think after she done that. There are many positive effects in a smile.

Smiling is more than medicine to the soul: There are many people walking around hurting, but just a brief smile can touch them and make a difference in their day.

Smiling let’s someone know that you care: When you feel that you have no words to say, you can give a warm smile and let them know that you will pray.

Smiling gives hope: When hope is lost for many it may seem like a very long dreadful pause. Smiling lets someone know that it’s going be okay and that they will see a sun shiny day.

Smiling speaks volumes: Sometimes a gentle action is only needed and says more than words can bring.

Give the gift of a smile. What’s in your smile? How does a smile effect you?

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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