Greatest Lessons from Rejection one enjoys it. It’s like a rotten taste to the senses. The sting hurts and brings a feeling of being unwanted and not accepted. People often reject those who they don’t understand or are different. Rejection has more to do with the person rejecting than the person who is rejected. Sometimes it’s intentional andContinue reading “Greatest Lessons from Rejection”

Will You Cry Out?

There’s no secret of everything that’s happening in the world today. So many lost, broken and searching. As believers we have our personal issues, challenges and struggles, but there are many around us who are in similar or worse situations or conditions than ourselves. Will we cry out on their behalf? Oh sad it isContinue reading “Will You Cry Out?”

5 Lessons from Setbacks

We all have faced a setback of some kind at some point. Although there are many types of setbacks that can be experienced, there are lessons that we can learn through them. Below are 5 lessons and reminders to consider when going through a setback of some sort. 1) Sometimes our effort takes several attempts. ForContinue reading “5 Lessons from Setbacks”

Identity: Embracing Who We Are

Identity… the world displays so many distorted views its easier for many to be confused, in conflict or in crisis with whom God created them to be. Labels are everywhere. Books, folders, food items and sometimes are even put on people. Outward appearances, education, background, personality are sometimes the fuel that we are tempted inContinue reading “Identity: Embracing Who We Are”

Does Every Story Have A Happy Ending?

In life there are both acts and experiences of good and bad, righteousness and wickedness and happiness and sadness. Sometimes things may seem very uncertain and dull. We wonder, how will this all end? In Christ we have the promise that no matter what we face on earth, the better and greater part is yetContinue reading “Does Every Story Have A Happy Ending?”