5 Lessons from Setbacks


We all have faced a setback of some kind at some point. Although there are many types of setbacks that can be experienced, there are lessons that we can learn through them. Below are 5 lessons and reminders to consider when going through a setback of some sort.

1) Sometimes our effort takes several attempts. For some, the first time they get it down or succeed, but others they have to keep working at it.

2) Develop and build on where you can. There’s nothing wrong with growth and improvement along the way. Making mistakes and failing is part of the learning process.

3) Setbacks don’t define you. It’s tempting to think the results of an event or an occurrence is a description of who we are. Everyone has at least one thing(if not many) that has not turned out well or the way they wanted it to.

4) Timing plays an important role. Seasons are a part of life. Sometimes it’s not because it’s not going to happen, but the timing is just not yet.

5) Setbacks is an opportunity to be empathetic and compassionate towards others. How can we help or inspire someone else through this situation or circumstance?


Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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