Greatest Lessons from Rejection

negative-42774_640 one enjoys it. It’s like a rotten taste to the senses. The sting hurts and brings a feeling of being unwanted and not accepted. People often reject those who they don’t understand or are different. Rejection has more to do with the person rejecting than the person who is rejected. Sometimes it’s intentional and other times it’s unintentional. Either way it still hurts.In defense those rejected may reject someone else. Jesus was rejected often and intensely and He still loved and forgave unconditionally. In fact, the Son of God still gets rejected today by many, yet nothing can take away His love.  Below are a few reflections of lessons and thoughts from rejection.

Love brings healing and destroys the spirit of rejection. Rejection can sometimes be a form of hatred towards another. Love is the hate breaker.

The ability to love in such a way can only come from the Lord. When we try to love in our own ability we will mess up every time. It’s only the love of the Lord that transforms in such a way.

  Be open to differences. I didn’t say you have to agree with everything or do everything and anything. I’m saying just because someone is different doesn’t mean there’s nothing valuable that they have.

 Diversity is needed. If everything is the same then what’s the point? Variety spices things up and makes it more interesting and intriguing. It makes the world spin around!

Include others that are usually excluded. If you know what rejection is like, then maybe you are surrounded around the least likely person, the misfit or the underdog. Look out for those who are often turned away if you can.

Be or give a voice to the voiceless. There are many people who have the platform or opportunity to speak for the voiceless. Maybe you’re able to give someone a chance to speak what’s needed.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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