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Breathe…we were never meant to hold it in. It’s ok to release the overwhelming feeling and tension and just pause in break. When anxious breathe and let God’s presence relax our mind and soul.

Breathe when your faith seems at its weakest and let God replenish you with all you need. Sometimes we forget or just don’t think to just air it out.The familiar often gets in the way, but God’s power can be seen in the least expected form.

When fear or panic tries to get’s its best grip, we have to remember just to breathe and let the fresh air of relief comfort and conquer. Breathe…Release…Relax

The three whispers gently touching us with a breeze.

Oh soul just breathe.

Oh body and mind just relax.

Oh spirit and emotions just release.

Let the Creator and King of the World step in and take its perfect place.

The Journey of Evolving


What I’m destined to become is what I’m evolving into each day, week, month and year. It’s not a microwave serving, it’s a journey to completely and joyfully embrace. Lots of bumps and barriers along the pavement to wholeness. Transforming to discover and soar to God’s amazing capture of what it’s supposed to be.

Glimpses which light up a beam inwardly, but sometimes uncertainty shows up outwardly. I don’t have everything perfectly in the exact and wonderful place it should be. Never was I suppose to, because I’m evolving, learning and growing. There’s something beautiful in giving ourselves a chance to blossom in the phases that’s uniquely ours.

Why did I listen to the lies that something was drastically a ruin of me? I often make a lot of mistakes, but I’ll get on no matter how much it takes. I have a whole long list of things that I have been embarrassed, discontent, shamed and felt worthless about, but God sees all that He made and knows it’s not a mistake with no doubt.

When I’m just evolving to learn that my flaws,imperfections, challenges and struggles are all what’s helping me. Helping to fly, try and apply. In time expanding into more of me that I don’t yet see, but God is the Master of developing me and loosing what needs to be set free.

Hanging at the Edge of Hope


What does hanging at the edge of hope look like, feel like and taste like? When everything seems like a horrific nightmare and you just want to wake up. What keeps you hanging on to hope? You’re tossed and toppled over, but there’s something that travels you each day. Taking deep breaths of hope and gathering strength to gather through. Inhaling and exhaling all at once in a sudden rush for life.

Gathering courage, endurance, patience with all sincerity. When you’re locked up on the inside and shut away on the outside, you continue and commune with hope that sparkles a command to evoke. Evoke the burning desire that will spread like fire.

Catching every heart of captivity that longs to be free and begging with their plea.  Reaching for the battered and bruised only to be used to keep the line of hanging at the edge of hope in an ever spiral of infinity knowing that you are saved and whole with the true trinity.

5 Lessons from Lonliness


Loneliness… that fog of isolation and insecurity that pours into the heart, mind and soul. You try to change it and escape it, but every time you’re back at that place of emotional distress. Everyone has felt lonely at some point. Some experience it at a greater intensity than others and some even to the extreme. Whichever way a person does, it affects our lives, relationships and even lifestyles. Loneliness can be felt in solitude and it can be felt when around others. I believe the worst feeling and most painful ache is when we are around other people and it won’t go away.

When the laughing and talking surrounds you, but somehow you just have trouble getting in the mix and you always seem to be an outsider. You don’t fit in anywhere or in most cases you appear to be an outcast or loner. To some they may express for you to get over it or brush it off as if they don’t care or it don’t matter to them. I speak and write out for the speakless and writeless.

Loneliness can be very painful. It’s not a sin to feel lonely, but sin can be committed during the experience – if a person yields or gives in to it. Some experience it for a period of time in their lives and others it seems like a never-ending cycle. Below are a few words and lessons to consider.

1) Only God can really meet that need of satisfaction, intimacy, fulfillment and joy. No matter what, anything outside of God will never bring completeness and will have its imperfections and disappointments.

2) Empty and deep voids help display that we have a need that only the Savior can fill. It is through this void the Lord can show his power, strength and provision.

3) Reach out to other people who show signs of loneliness. You can’t remove their pain, but sometimes the person having a listening ear or just someone to keep them pleasant company helps. If we see something and we can help, why not?

4) Distract and throw out negative thoughts. This is something we all have to work on. Satan attacks every human mind. He can use something that may be true to trap and tangle us up.

5) Feeling and experiencing things are apart of being human and living on earth. We can’t escape discomfort, pain and other unpleasant happenings, but we can learn lessons through them. Growth comes through learning and applying.

There’s A Message In Your Storm


We all face storms of different kinds. The visible – natural storm of lightning and hard rain and sounds of thundering and heavy winds, can be reflection or simile of the violent and painful force many face in their emotions, finances, relationships, minds and more. God always has a message in every storm that He wants us to hear, listen and obey.

Sometimes it takes the ragging seas and roaring winds to get our attention. Pride, worldly and fleshly desires often get in the way. No one is exempt from doing nothing and everyone needs chastening and correction from the loving Father. While shedding silent or physical tears consider, Lord what are you saying to me/us in this storm? The disturbance doesn’t always come because we are being punished. Everyone faces challenging and tempest times. In the midst of the gale, God will pick you up even after a fall. Below are some highlights that we can consider while going through.

 God must remain #1: Earthly and material possessions will not be a lasting refuge and strength when a twister and tornado of chaos shows up.

Develop a growing trust: As our trust grows we know that there are some things that only the Almighty God can do and will do and that nothing can keep us from His power, provision and protection.

   Revelation is revealed: Sometimes it’s in the darkest moments and whirlwind explosions that divine revelation is poured out into our spirits and hearts. We hear him in that voice that comes to bring clarity, comfort, conviction and connection.

  Are you currently in a storm? What are some things that you do that helps you endure?