Hanging at the Edge of Hope


What does hanging at the edge of hope look like, feel like and taste like? When everything seems like a horrific nightmare and you just want to wake up. What keeps you hanging on to hope? You’re tossed and toppled over, but there’s something that travels you each day. Taking deep breaths of hope and gathering strength to gather through. Inhaling and exhaling all at once in a sudden rush for life.

Gathering courage, endurance, patience with all sincerity. When you’re locked up on the inside and shut away on the outside, you continue and commune with hope that sparkles a command to evoke. Evoke the burning desire that will spread like fire.

Catching every heart of captivity that longs to be free and begging with their plea.  Reaching for the battered and bruised only to be used to keep the line of hanging at the edge of hope in an ever spiral of infinity knowing that you are saved and whole with the true trinity.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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