Breathe…we were never meant to hold it in. It’s ok to release the overwhelming feeling and tension and just pause in break. When anxious breathe and let God’s presence relax our mind and soul.

Breathe when your faith seems at its weakest and let God replenish you with all you need. Sometimes we forget or just don’t think to just air it out.The familiar often gets in the way, but God’s power can be seen in the least expected form.

When fear or panic tries to get’s its best grip, we have to remember just to breathe and let the fresh air of relief comfort and conquer. Breathe…Release…Relax

The three whispers gently touching us with a breeze.

Oh soul just breathe.

Oh body and mind just relax.

Oh spirit and emotions just release.

Let the Creator and King of the World step in and take its perfect place.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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