Building Balance


Balance…not too little and not too much. That place where it’s just right. Life gets messy, chaotic and unbalanced. Things get out of control. We want balance and need it very much, but how do we maintain it in every aspect and area of life? What to apply and not to apply? When to say yes and when to say no? When to take action and when to be still? What keeps everything together? What is balance to you? What is balance to me? Is it possible to maintain it every time? Maybe balance is all about surrender. Balance and surrender seem to go together. One area neglected or not properly handled can sometimes cause other things to come to crash or disaster.

Surrendering everything to the Lord will put balance where it needs to be. How do you find balance in a fast paced world? What do you do when you feel out of balance?

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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