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5 Lessons From Diversity

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The reality is that we don’t all look the same, act the same, think the same and have the exact same things in common. Below are some highlight lessons to consider from differences.

1) Differences teach us how to break out of comfort zones. If we always stick with what we are comfortable with, that can become a hindrance to learning and growth.

2) There are often similarities even in the midst of differences. We all have unique parts of ourselves. Sometimes when we take a deeper look at our interests, environments and lifestyles, there can be similar experiences.

3) We don’t have to have a lot in common to unite. Sometimes differences are a challenge for some to unite with others. We don’t have to compromise who we are, what we believe and our standards to love, share, give, receive and learn.

4) Outward appearance is not the complete story or information. There is usually more to why people do what they do.

5) Diversity can be used as a tool to bring about courage, change and compassion. Our differences can be the very instrument to help and serve others.

What are some lessons that you have learned about diversity?

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5 Lessons From Work


So far in my journey, I have done various kinds of short – term, temporary, part-time and volunteer work. This is my time for practice and preparation for the future God has for me. The present and future may not look the way we want it to, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth taking the ride through. The curvy lines, bumps, pleasant and unpleasant experiences all bring forth lessons for us to learn and apply. Below are some highlight lessons to consider.

1) Difficult and challenging tasks are meant to bring out the best in you. Smooth and easy will keep one in the same place, but rough and prickly is beauty and wonderful discovery in disguise.

2) Have gratitude for the small accomplishments and step by step growth. So often we can look for the “big” or “huge”, but never see and give thanks for the simple steps forward.  Process involves pressure, but also includes a bountiful jewel in the making.

3) Don’t stay stuck looking for normal. What is normal? When you are called to be extraordinary expect the unusual and remarkable to show up.

4) Mistakes are apart of effort developed into effectiveness. No one just gets everything down perfectly and completely. Allow the mistakes to bring out improvement and growth for God alone.

5) Be the support and love to yourself. It’s natural to want it from others, but when it doesn’t come(both intentionally or unintentionally) or there’s a lack of it, show it to yourself. Be kind and loving to yourself.

What are some lessons you have learned from and through work?

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5 Lessons From Life’s Detours


We all face detours of some kind in our lives. While I’m typing this, I find myself in a variety of some. This whole year of 2015 has been a series of unfolding detours in my life. What do we do when these signs show up? Most importantly, what can we learn from them? Below are a few highlight lessons to consider.

1) Leave room for the unexpected. A person could have the best of everything in life and yet things still fall apart.

2) They show up at inconvenient times and places. Just when you get through this or are in need of this or that, blink and they appear.

3) They teach us to have complete reliance and dependence on God. When  situations fall apart or shatter, who do we run to?

4) Difficulty is apart of the journey in destiny. When we find ourselves in a lot of adversity, that is not necessarily a bad or horrible thing. Sometimes those are the circumstances that cultivate us for what’s ahead.

5) They are meant for growth and development. We are meant to pay attention during the detours, listen and learn from the bad/negative/challenging experiences.

Are you currently in a detour experience? What are you learning from it?