5 Lessons From Life’s Detours


We all face detours of some kind in our lives. While I’m typing this, I find myself in a variety of some. This whole year of 2015 has been a series of unfolding detours in my life. What do we do when these signs show up? Most importantly, what can we learn from them? Below are a few highlight lessons to consider.

1) Leave room for the unexpected. A person could have the best of everything in life and yet things still fall apart.

2) They show up at inconvenient times and places. Just when you get through this or are in need of this or that, blink and they appear.

3) They teach us to have complete reliance and dependence on God. When  situations fall apart or shatter, who do we run to?

4) Difficulty is apart of the journey in destiny. When we find ourselves in a lot of adversity, that is not necessarily a bad or horrible thing. Sometimes those are the circumstances that cultivate us for what’s ahead.

5) They are meant for growth and development. We are meant to pay attention during the detours, listen and learn from the bad/negative/challenging experiences.

Are you currently in a detour experience? What are you learning from it?

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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