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More Than A Start


The other day I was temping for 5 days in the office of my former college. When I’m there it reminds me of the years I was there getting my pre college, college and post secondary education. How I started off in one direction, the many changes that happened along the way and now I’m coming back to temp. I’ve completed my post secondary education there in 2011 and wasn’t planning to come back. Ha! When I think about it I’ve come back many times and not in a way that I ever thought I would.

One of the ladies that work there came over to the area where I was working and started talking with me about my writing. I had mentioned to her what I was currently doing with my writing and then said ‘It’s a start.’ She replied ‘It’s more than start. Some people are not writing at all.’ After she said that it clicked. Writing on my blog and for a magazine is more than a start.

How many times we think of what we are doing less than what it really is? When we step out in faith and use our gifts and talents to glorify God that’s indeed more than a start! What’s happening and what we are doing may not be what is yet to come, but we have to learn to embrace, appreciate and enjoy where we are now.

See the gifts and treasures of the present! Give thanks and trust that the tests are not for you to already know and be at a place of arrival, but for you to let the Savior work in and through with the only special touch He can. More than a start!

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No Ordinary Route


It just seems ordinary to be a 20 something young adult and have a stable job. At least to experience having one full-time job. Might not be the dream/calling job yet, but hey it’s a job.

Well my 20s are writing much differently, despite my efforts to change the direction. Presently experiencing this pops up different questions and raises natural concerns. What is God’s will and purpose in this? How long will this be for? Will this change soon?

All I can do is let the Author be in control and let His leading unfold. The several applications I filled out, over and over resume sent out and interviews I’ve went to bring back results this is no ordinary route. The circumstances say you might not understand it now, but one day you’ll wear a crown.

There are times I become frustrated. Then eventually I realize some of the greatest provisions come in disguise. It doesn’t have to make sense and it doesn’t have to look like I think it should. That’s how great wonders unfold,in messes and disadvantages. Guess what? It has nothing to with us, but all to do with the Master who never leaves His throne.

It’s ok if your story is not writing and reading ordinary me, because God is shaping you for destiny.

Here’s three points to think on in the midst of any challenge we face.

Our solid anchor is in Christ alone. 

God’s love speaks to us in the midst of the stormy waves. We just have to stop and listen.

The shed blood of our Savior(Jesus) covers us through it all. 

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5 Lessons From Gratitude


Gratitude is  thankfulness from the heart. It’s a choice to give thanks and praise no matter what is going on or not going on. There is much to learn and experience through thanksgiving. Below are some highlights to consider on gratitude.

1) Gratitude gives a refreshing boost of energy. Have you ever thought of something that you were thankful for and it poured a fresh supply of inspiration, motivation and illumination? It’s nothing like a pour of innovation.

2) Changes your perspective. You move from a place of devastation to a place of opportunity and vision. What’s important becomes your focus.

3) Enlightens in the midst of darkness. There are times where all we see is pain, negativity and frustration. Then acts of gratitude brings knowledge and insight to the circumstances.

4) Changes the atmosphere. That doesn’t mean everything becomes perfect and spectacular. Thankfulness brings the presence of calmness and serenity.

5)  Gratefulness recognizes that even the little victories play a part in the bigger picture. Little things can have a big importance in development.