12 Lessons In 2015

  This year of 2015 has definitely been a learning process for me. It would be untrue to say it has been perfect learning and enjoyable each step of the way. Learning involves stumbling, not getting it right, moments of feeling and looking lost, practicing, trying again, taking in and action. Below are 12 lessonsContinue reading “12 Lessons In 2015”

Purpose In Preparation

While working as a temp in reception this week, I thought of and realized some benefits and positive opportunities in having and getting temporary jobs. Yes, there are a lack of benefits and opportunities when there is no steady income or work, but I decided to look at, see on purpose and be grateful forContinue reading “Purpose In Preparation”

The Road to Destruction is Paved with Good Intentions

    In one’s spiritual life, having good intentions is not enough. The definition of good intentions is wanting to do or planning to do something positive. Everyone needs to have relationship, commitment and love for God. Sometimes we have good intent, but there are temptations that we all face. Temptation is not where weContinue reading “The Road to Destruction is Paved with Good Intentions”

Lessons From Jesus

        Jesus the Son of God taught many meaningful and valuable lessons and messages throughout scripture. His lessons were often simplistic, but full of hope, wisdom and impact. In the bible Jesus humbly, authentically and lovingly shares with all who were willing to listen. Below are some highlight lessons to consider.  Continue reading “Lessons From Jesus”