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12 Lessons In 2015



This year of 2015 has definitely been a learning process for me. It would be untrue to say it has been perfect learning and enjoyable each step of the way. Learning involves stumbling, not getting it right, moments of feeling and looking lost, practicing, trying again, taking in and action. Below are 12 lessons that has been taught to me in 2015.


1) Take more necessary risks. Don’t worry about the outcome, just learn and apply the lessons.

2) My relationship with God and my relationship with myself affects all other relationships and all other areas of my life. Both the positive and negative.

3) That which has no value and importance in my life shouldn’t get in the way of what does.

4) It doesn’t matter that you’ve read, listen to and watched something already, sometimes you need to do it one more time. That one more time is just what it takes to make that impact difference. 

5) Sometimes you’ve got to go with your first idea or thought. Don’t doubt or turn away from what you know to be right and good.

6) When something doesn’t work out, don’t treat yourself like it’s a crime.

7) Just when you think you have the pieces together, they crumble apart. 

8) Sometimes being on the outside can teach you and grow you for more than being on the inside.

9) To change what we attract, we must know and apply what to add and what to subtract.

10) That which you have been ignoring is that which needs your attention right away.

11) Often times the things you don’t over do come out just right.

12) Almost everything and anything has a lesson to it. Pay attention! 

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Purpose In Preparation


While working as a temp in reception this week, I thought of and realized some benefits and positive opportunities in having and getting temporary jobs. Yes, there are a lack of benefits and opportunities when there is no steady income or work, but I decided to look at, see on purpose and be grateful for the positive and learn to trust God through the lack. Below are some benefits of temporary work.


Learn, practice and develop new skills and information. The skills and information that I don’t know or haven’t yet developed and learned can produce and evolve through temping.


More time and breaks to work on dreams, goals, commitments, responsibilities and other activities. My writing career, ministry and business interests are all being developed and prepared  during periods of no paid work.


Meet new people, make new contacts and even network. I have met different people and got to share things that people I already knew didn’t know.


Market and share about projects when others ask and show interest. Sometimes I get asked about my writing, then I have the opportunity to share about my recent and past projects.


Break out of comfort zones. There are some things that I wouldn’t normally do outside of some jobs, but the situation gets me to do those things.


Meet up into old/present friends, acquaintances and peers. I have gotten to see some old/present friends, acquaintances and peers in the temp environments. It’s pleasant and enjoyable to catch up a little with them when things are going slower or during a lunch break.


Be more patient with myself. My anxious and introverted self can be extremely harsh, hard and critical towards myself.


When we have no other choice but to depend on God for those things that don’t come regularly He develops faith, humility and brokenness through us. 


There is always a purpose in preparation for wherever God would have you to be and whatever He will have you to do. It might not look like the plan, picture, map and path you have in mind and view, but it always leads to wonders to explore and God’s perfect will.

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The Road to Destruction is Paved with Good Intentions




In one’s spiritual life, having good intentions is not enough. The definition of good intentions is wanting to do or planning to do something positive. Everyone needs to have relationship, commitment and love for God. Sometimes we have good intent, but there are temptations that we all face. Temptation is not where we fall, it’s when we yield to the temptation. Thank God that even when we fall there’s forgiveness and an opportunity to do better. No one is exempt from making mistakes and falling spiritually. The road of destruction is the path that leads to hell. I know that the word hell is not a comfortable word for many and that it’s not a jump and let’s celebration reaction word, but it’s a reality according to God’s word.



Firstly, in order to stay off the path of destruction, we all need to be completely committed to God. That starts with giving our lives to God and accepting Jesus as our personal savior. To show commitment, we must spend time in prayer, worship and bible study. Most of all we need to look for God’s guidance and direction for our lives.



Secondly, our hearts have to be in the right place. It’s more important to have relationship with God instead of having religion. For example, we can do something church like out of tradition and habit, but God wants us and all of us. We all need to have true love for the Lord. Most of all obedience is the key, walking in disobedience leads to destruction.



Thirdly, fellowship is also important. When we truly fellowship, we are showing love to others. To fellowship we need to spend time with other believers. There are many ways that we can fellowship, both inside and outside of church. The key and importance of fellowship is loving and sharing with others in a godly manner.



There is nothing wrong with having good intentions, but along with having good intentions we must actually act on it. We won’t always get it 100% all the time, but we must make an effort to do so in the strength of the Lord. With Jesus we can overcome, take a stand of courage and take the path of victory.

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Lessons From Jesus






Jesus the Son of God taught many meaningful and valuable lessons and messages throughout scripture. His lessons were often simplistic, but full of hope, wisdom and impact. In the bible Jesus humbly, authentically and lovingly shares with all who were willing to listen. Below are some highlight lessons to consider.









Jesus represented the Father wherever He went. The Son came with a mission to bring abundant and lasting life that only comes from God. He fulfilled His Father’s will and purpose when He was born, lived on earth, died on the cross, rose and ascended into heaven. John 6: 38 “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.”





Depended on the Father always and for everything. Sometimes we as humans try to do things on our own, forgetting that in our weakness and limits we should only depend on the power that comes from above.





Jesus found importance in eternal treasures rather than on earthly pleasures. Christ knows that the things of this world are temporary and will fade away, but the eternal shall forever stand.





Christ spoke truth boldly and with authority, but with love. The Son of God wants freedom for all and only through love and truth we can be set free.





In His suffering, Jesus prayed continuously and yielded completely to the Father. Many of us when we are going through get to a point where we just have had enough and want to give in, but our greatest example shows us and encourages us in the way to go.