Lessons From Jesus






Jesus the Son of God taught many meaningful and valuable lessons and messages throughout scripture. His lessons were often simplistic, but full of hope, wisdom and impact. In the bible Jesus humbly, authentically and lovingly shares with all who were willing to listen. Below are some highlight lessons to consider.









Jesus represented the Father wherever He went. The Son came with a mission to bring abundant and lasting life that only comes from God. He fulfilled His Father’s will and purpose when He was born, lived on earth, died on the cross, rose and ascended into heaven. John 6: 38 “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.”





Depended on the Father always and for everything. Sometimes we as humans try to do things on our own, forgetting that in our weakness and limits we should only depend on the power that comes from above.





Jesus found importance in eternal treasures rather than on earthly pleasures. Christ knows that the things of this world are temporary and will fade away, but the eternal shall forever stand.





Christ spoke truth boldly and with authority, but with love. The Son of God wants freedom for all and only through love and truth we can be set free.





In His suffering, Jesus prayed continuously and yielded completely to the Father. Many of us when we are going through get to a point where we just have had enough and want to give in, but our greatest example shows us and encourages us in the way to go.


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