12 Lessons In 2015



This year of 2015 has definitely been a learning process for me. It would be untrue to say it has been perfect learning and enjoyable each step of the way. Learning involves stumbling, not getting it right, moments of feeling and looking lost, practicing, trying again, taking in and action. Below are 12 lessons that has been taught to me in 2015.


1) Take more necessary risks. Don’t worry about the outcome, just learn and apply the lessons.

2) My relationship with God and my relationship with myself affects all other relationships and all other areas of my life. Both the positive and negative.

3) That which has no value and importance in my life shouldn’t get in the way of what does.

4) It doesn’t matter that you’ve read, listen to and watched something already, sometimes you need to do it one more time. That one more time is just what it takes to make that impact difference. 

5) Sometimes you’ve got to go with your first idea or thought. Don’t doubt or turn away from what you know to be right and good.

6) When something doesn’t work out, don’t treat yourself like it’s a crime.

7) Just when you think you have the pieces together, they crumble apart. 

8) Sometimes being on the outside can teach you and grow you for more than being on the inside.

9) To change what we attract, we must know and apply what to add and what to subtract.

10) That which you have been ignoring is that which needs your attention right away.

11) Often times the things you don’t over do come out just right.

12) Almost everything and anything has a lesson to it. Pay attention! 

Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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