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Deeply Rooted


Two weeks ago I had a physical emergency that needed to be taken care of as soon as it could. It was my wisdom tooth causing complications in my mouth. I had an idea that it needed to be removed, but needed it to be checked by a dentist. So I go in to the dentist and get a diagnostic exam. The machine they put in my mouth was so huge and complicated it felt so uncomfortable and I just about was able to hold it down. The assistant was patient and kind with me so that made it go smoothly.


What happened after that was the dentist diagnosis and then surgery. Surgery! I was sort of nervous about it as I have a low tolerance for pain. With the friendly service of both the dentist and her assistant it definitely helped a lot.


There was a problem though. No matter how much they attempted to remove the wisdom tooth it wouldn’t come out. So I knew then that it wasn’t going to be a quick and easy surgery. I heard the dentist say  in reaction to having a difficult time getting the tooth out, “You have good teeth”.  At the end of the surgery she told me my tooth was in pieces by time it came out.


So as usual I have a reflection and insight from this experience. As believers with a relationship with the Lord, what about our roots in Him? Are we deeply rooted in God? When the storms of life and testing seasons come will we be easily uprooted or will we be found steadfast and unmovable? Will the cares of this life be able to pluck us out? This is something we all have to sit back and think on. No one is exempt from needing renewal and transformation. I know for sure with me I’m definitely in a place that requires some renewal and transformation.


Think about it. Reflect. How are your roots doing? If you need to be deeper in the Lord, I pass no judgment on you. It’s between you and God alone. God wants to give you and myself that dramatic change that can only come through Him. The Father is willing to equip and empower. Are you ready? Am I ready? Surrender is not easy, when we hold on to something with such a tight grip. Each day we can give the Lord what we need to, even if it’s little by little.

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Lessons From Genesis


All through the bible there are lessons, warnings, encouragement and instructions for every person. Genesis the beginning of the Word of God sets a foundation for the rest of the chapters and bible life to unfold. Below are some lessons from Genesis to consider.


1) God our Creator has unlimited power in everything. He spoke and it was so. Nothing compares to His art and mastery.

2) What God says goes! Just like that, whether we like it or not. 

3) It’s often in the little things deception creeps in. What we deny ourselves of, can be something of gain not lack. 

4) What we believe and accept will have consequences and results. 

5) God keeps His promises and loves us so much to be loyal even when we fall short.

6) Obedience shouldn’t be based on our feelings or limited human knowledge. A surrendered life doesn’t always know, but learns to follow the One who’s in control. 

7) When you have a God given dream and God has a complete plan for your life; you’ll go through the pit, prison and opposing forces of some sort. It’s really bringing you to destiny. 

8) Forgiveness even when you were attacked or completely wronged is the fountain of love for greater things to follow.

9) God will work in and through you wherever you are, even in the unpleasant places and circumstances. 






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5 Lessons On Beginnings


There is a beginning to everything, even when it’s not visible or glorious to our eyes and other senses. Beginnings have lessons that we all can reflect on and learn from no matter what kind of start it is. Below are some highlighted lessons on beginnings.


1) Beginnings can look like an end, but actually can lead to a breakthrough.

2) Cracks through at the least expected times, but can have great advantage if we are open to receive it.

3) Doesn’t need a new day, time or year but can start right at the moment we are ready.

4) The undesirable can sometimes be the fertilizer to a beginning. 

5) Our God ordained beginnings are beyond us and always link back and credit to Him.  God’s works of creation are greater and hugely beyond what we could ever do.


What are some lessons that you’ve learned on beginnings?