5 Lessons From Love



Love is something that everyone wants and needs. Most want to know and see that those who matter to them and are around them love them. No one likes to sense or feel that they are unloved. Below are some lessons from love to consider.


1) Love can be a challenge for some in certain circumstances and requires denying of self.  Not everyone can easily show love when facing what they don’t like or don’t understand. It’s still possible for them to do so as self is laid down.


2) Love has a strength that looks past imperfection and makes an effort to look to see the good and beauty of the person. This doesn’t mean we don’t deal with what needs to be dealt with, but that we are able to genuinely embrace the good.


3) People will fail at loving and the only perfect love can truly come from God. Just because someone is loving at a moment doesn’t mean they will never fall short at some point. Look and find perfect love in God.


4) Love is not always glittery. This is not to say that love is dull. How a person is handled will show whether love was the motivation behind it or not. This is to say that sometimes when someone genuinely  tells us what is needed at the right time, they are doing it because they really love us.


5) All kinds of God given and ordained love is needed and should be celebrated. Often times the romantic type of love gets a lot of attention as if other kinds is pushed to the side. All kinds of God given and ordained love is important and should be celebrated.


What are some lessons you have learned  or are learning from love?



Published by Crystal Holdipp

Published Author, Writer, Speaker & Singer

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