5 Lessons Through Resilience


Have you ever felt a strong urge and pull to try just again? Where you ever in a place with something wonderful you wanted to get away from cause of setbacks, but that something won’t let you go? Resilience is something we all need to develop in our lives. So many things happen in our lives, but we have the choice to not let it block us or to let it block us. Which one will you choose? Below are some highlighted points to consider on resilience.


1) Our recovery process starts with a change of false and negative beliefs. Throw out the junk and accept the valuable treasure.

2) Each day is a chance to make progress no matter what the day may present. Use difficult days as a stepping stone to something greater ahead.

3) See where you can walk in resilience in the little things that will grow when you face greater challenges ahead. This could simply mean doing an activity or task again that didn’t work the first time. Maybe it could be not letting a sad or bad moment stop you from enjoying yourself.

4) Every good and positive direction can lead to resilience. See many opportunities for  resiliency rather than just one attempt.

5) Your story don’t end with you, you develop more as others share in resiliency. There are others out there that are apart of the movement of recovery from hardships.



RESILIENT: Rise Above the Ashes book by Crystal Holdipp will be released on July 17, 2016 at Amazon.com!

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