Prayer Points: Raising A Praise

When I see the word praise, I see the word raise. Which means there is something that has to be activated to fill the atmosphere.

I also think of praise as a way of expression in celebrating something of importance.

Another part of praying is raising a praise unto to the Lord.

Prayer Focus: ” For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever.” – Matthew 6: 13

There are different ways to praise God, but they all point to giving Him the glory.

TODAH: Extending hands giving thanksgiving.

BARAK: Blessing and declaring God as the one with all power. To be before the Lord in stillness.

YADAH: Extending hands to worship to God in complete surrender. Enjoying the prescence of the Lord.

SHABACH: To shout unto God. Literally commending yourself to praise God.

ZAMAR: Striking the stringed instrument and singing melodies unto the Lord.

HALLAL: Celebrating in excitment with complete joy.

TEHILLAH: Singing within the Spirit.

When we praise we are acknowleging God and His Sourveignty. God commands us to give Him praise always. Starting and ending our prayers with praise keeps our focus on Christ and who He is to us. Abba Father deserves more than what we could ever give Him, but with what we have to give Him, we must offer it up to Him with respect and honor.

Published by Crystal Holdipp

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