Crystal Holdipp is a multi – talented young woman from the island of Bermuda. She is a singer, writer, songwriter, and Christian ministry worker. 

Crystal has a true love for singing and sang her first solo at the very young age of 4 years old at her preschool graduation. She has recorded in the studio with Pastor John Woolridge and a door opened for the recording to be played on FM 105.1 in Bermuda. Opportunities to sing overseas have opened up for her a couple of times in both Cleveland, Ohio  and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Crystal won the Most Promising Performer cast award from Gina Spence Productions in Christ as a debut in a small acting part in the musical “A figure Of Speech 2009”. The author has also worked in their community outreach programs and continues to occasionally volunteer in community outreach and non – profit activities.

Crystal studied and graduated from the Writers Bureau with a diploma in Creative Writing and has been writing since a teenager, but grew more into it while studying at the Writers Bureau from 2011 – 2014. Previously she completed a minor concentration in Early Childhood Education at Bermuda College. She has written and published books titled ‘Poems From The Heart’, ‘Inspiring Moments: Encouragement for the Soul’ and ‘Resilient: Rise Above the Ashes’. The writer has written for and been published with  both local and overseas publications including the Royal Gazette, Bermuda Sun, Yahoo!, Success Story, Voice 4 Society, Inc and Bermuda Bliss Magazine . 

In 2017, Crystal was invited to Nashville, TN to be apart of the Extreme Tour – “The Objective” and was given the opportunity to participate in music outreach, sign up for workshops with top professionals in the music industry   , led worship amoungst others on the streets of Downtown Nashville and ministered in song in front of a large crowd at a restaurant.  

 Crystal has a heart for outreach ministry and helping those in need. Her favorite scripture is Romans 8:28. Crystal desires to be all that God has called her to be and to walk in her destiny!




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