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Opening Up


Opening up is not always comfortable and easy for me to do. In fact sometimes being closed, having my guard up or a wall in place seems safer. So when I’m in a place where I begin to open up in a good way that’s the work of God in me. I don’t believe that we should open up to everyone and everything as that can be dangerous. We do have to be careful.


I’ve allowed negative and bad experiences to keep me in that shell and closed place. I find it difficult to trust in certain situations. Because every time I let that guard down or open up something usually happens to disappoint and most times it seems too soon and frequent. There are times I have thought ‘When will something go right and good without being quickly interrupted.’ Through God I get to that place where I begin to hunger and thirst. Those hunger pains are good, that’s where we can be filled with the power of God. That thirst of desperation is meant to lead us to God.


As we open up we can find that even when we are broken, God begins to come in and take control. An encounter with Him brings the spiritual refreshment and transformation that we need. We don’t need to stop there, because the truth is there will still be highs and lows and we still need to learn how to godly open up when we are in a low place.

  • Opening up allows God to remove and tear away those outer layers of bondage.
  • Opening up is where I learn to release fears and frustrations.
  • Opening up is where my true identity begins to show and shine for the glory of God.
  • Opening up helps me to accept what is beyond me to change or control.
  • Opening up lets me know God will bring the right experiences at the right time.
  • Opening up is where I find my delight and joy in the Lord. 


So when I open up to God and His Spirit there’s some incredible things He does just to be how mighty He is. When we  carefully open up to people and release those things that have hurt us and wounded us, the love of God can do wonders. There are times where we may still feel previous emotions and face disappointment , but we don’t have to  or need to stay there. Just push to open up to the Lord…just let his rushing wind and power flow over us, in us and out of us to reach others for His Kingdom.


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Rekindling Passion


Sometimes my passion is at a high, other times its at a low and sometimes it seems to disappear. Passion with all it’s brightness and love works along with zeal to assist with the outcome of something. What is your passion? Where is your passion?

Often times our passion needs to be rekindled by the power of God. When our passion seems to be at a low or not even there we can feel like we are depleted, ineffective and messed up. We may have some questions like, how did I get here? What did I do wrong? Will this ever change?  Below are some highlights to consider in rekindling passion.

Reach Up: Worship that is persistent will do powerful things. It will lift one from the dumps, to desperation and then to deliverance. When we feel like our passion is no longer there we have to move beyond what we are going through and reach up to God.

Reach In: What is that desire or longing that we have? Look inwardly and see why we have it? Is it something good or godly? Where can these longings be filled? The truth is when we are deeply longing for something, that is our time to pursue God more,  spend more time with Him and seek for more of Him.

Reach Out: It is important that when our passion is at a low or seems to be gone, we must reach out to others. We must become more aware and see who we can touch, help, inspire, talk with and fellowship with.


How is your passion for life and purpose doing? What are some ways do you seek to rekindle passion?




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5 Lessons On Beginnings


There is a beginning to everything, even when it’s not visible or glorious to our eyes and other senses. Beginnings have lessons that we all can reflect on and learn from no matter what kind of start it is. Below are some highlighted lessons on beginnings.


1) Beginnings can look like an end, but actually can lead to a breakthrough.

2) Cracks through at the least expected times, but can have great advantage if we are open to receive it.

3) Doesn’t need a new day, time or year but can start right at the moment we are ready.

4) The undesirable can sometimes be the fertilizer to a beginning. 

5) Our God ordained beginnings are beyond us and always link back and credit to Him.  God’s works of creation are greater and hugely beyond what we could ever do.


What are some lessons that you’ve learned on beginnings?  

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12 Lessons In 2015



This year of 2015 has definitely been a learning process for me. It would be untrue to say it has been perfect learning and enjoyable each step of the way. Learning involves stumbling, not getting it right, moments of feeling and looking lost, practicing, trying again, taking in and action. Below are 12 lessons that has been taught to me in 2015.


1) Take more necessary risks. Don’t worry about the outcome, just learn and apply the lessons.

2) My relationship with God and my relationship with myself affects all other relationships and all other areas of my life. Both the positive and negative.

3) That which has no value and importance in my life shouldn’t get in the way of what does.

4) It doesn’t matter that you’ve read, listen to and watched something already, sometimes you need to do it one more time. That one more time is just what it takes to make that impact difference. 

5) Sometimes you’ve got to go with your first idea or thought. Don’t doubt or turn away from what you know to be right and good.

6) When something doesn’t work out, don’t treat yourself like it’s a crime.

7) Just when you think you have the pieces together, they crumble apart. 

8) Sometimes being on the outside can teach you and grow you for more than being on the inside.

9) To change what we attract, we must know and apply what to add and what to subtract.

10) That which you have been ignoring is that which needs your attention right away.

11) Often times the things you don’t over do come out just right.

12) Almost everything and anything has a lesson to it. Pay attention! 

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Purpose In Preparation


While working as a temp in reception this week, I thought of and realized some benefits and positive opportunities in having and getting temporary jobs. Yes, there are a lack of benefits and opportunities when there is no steady income or work, but I decided to look at, see on purpose and be grateful for the positive and learn to trust God through the lack. Below are some benefits of temporary work.


Learn, practice and develop new skills and information. The skills and information that I don’t know or haven’t yet developed and learned can produce and evolve through temping.


More time and breaks to work on dreams, goals, commitments, responsibilities and other activities. My writing career, ministry and business interests are all being developed and prepared  during periods of no paid work.


Meet new people, make new contacts and even network. I have met different people and got to share things that people I already knew didn’t know.


Market and share about projects when others ask and show interest. Sometimes I get asked about my writing, then I have the opportunity to share about my recent and past projects.


Break out of comfort zones. There are some things that I wouldn’t normally do outside of some jobs, but the situation gets me to do those things.


Meet up into old/present friends, acquaintances and peers. I have gotten to see some old/present friends, acquaintances and peers in the temp environments. It’s pleasant and enjoyable to catch up a little with them when things are going slower or during a lunch break.


Be more patient with myself. My anxious and introverted self can be extremely harsh, hard and critical towards myself.


When we have no other choice but to depend on God for those things that don’t come regularly He develops faith, humility and brokenness through us. 


There is always a purpose in preparation for wherever God would have you to be and whatever He will have you to do. It might not look like the plan, picture, map and path you have in mind and view, but it always leads to wonders to explore and God’s perfect will.

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More Than A Start


The other day I was temping for 5 days in the office of my former college. When I’m there it reminds me of the years I was there getting my pre college, college and post secondary education. How I started off in one direction, the many changes that happened along the way and now I’m coming back to temp. I’ve completed my post secondary education there in 2011 and wasn’t planning to come back. Ha! When I think about it I’ve come back many times and not in a way that I ever thought I would.

One of the ladies that work there came over to the area where I was working and started talking with me about my writing. I had mentioned to her what I was currently doing with my writing and then said ‘It’s a start.’ She replied ‘It’s more than start. Some people are not writing at all.’ After she said that it clicked. Writing on my blog and for a magazine is more than a start.

How many times we think of what we are doing less than what it really is? When we step out in faith and use our gifts and talents to glorify God that’s indeed more than a start! What’s happening and what we are doing may not be what is yet to come, but we have to learn to embrace, appreciate and enjoy where we are now.

See the gifts and treasures of the present! Give thanks and trust that the tests are not for you to already know and be at a place of arrival, but for you to let the Savior work in and through with the only special touch He can. More than a start!

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No Ordinary Route


It just seems ordinary to be a 20 something young adult and have a stable job. At least to experience having one full-time job. Might not be the dream/calling job yet, but hey it’s a job.

Well my 20s are writing much differently, despite my efforts to change the direction. Presently experiencing this pops up different questions and raises natural concerns. What is God’s will and purpose in this? How long will this be for? Will this change soon?

All I can do is let the Author be in control and let His leading unfold. The several applications I filled out, over and over resume sent out and interviews I’ve went to bring back results this is no ordinary route. The circumstances say you might not understand it now, but one day you’ll wear a crown.

There are times I become frustrated. Then eventually I realize some of the greatest provisions come in disguise. It doesn’t have to make sense and it doesn’t have to look like I think it should. That’s how great wonders unfold,in messes and disadvantages. Guess what? It has nothing to with us, but all to do with the Master who never leaves His throne.

It’s ok if your story is not writing and reading ordinary me, because God is shaping you for destiny.

Here’s three points to think on in the midst of any challenge we face.

Our solid anchor is in Christ alone. 

God’s love speaks to us in the midst of the stormy waves. We just have to stop and listen.

The shed blood of our Savior(Jesus) covers us through it all. 

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5 Lessons From Gratitude


Gratitude is  thankfulness from the heart. It’s a choice to give thanks and praise no matter what is going on or not going on. There is much to learn and experience through thanksgiving. Below are some highlights to consider on gratitude.

1) Gratitude gives a refreshing boost of energy. Have you ever thought of something that you were thankful for and it poured a fresh supply of inspiration, motivation and illumination? It’s nothing like a pour of innovation.

2) Changes your perspective. You move from a place of devastation to a place of opportunity and vision. What’s important becomes your focus.

3) Enlightens in the midst of darkness. There are times where all we see is pain, negativity and frustration. Then acts of gratitude brings knowledge and insight to the circumstances.

4) Changes the atmosphere. That doesn’t mean everything becomes perfect and spectacular. Thankfulness brings the presence of calmness and serenity.

5)  Gratefulness recognizes that even the little victories play a part in the bigger picture. Little things can have a big importance in development.

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5 Lessons From Diversity

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The reality is that we don’t all look the same, act the same, think the same and have the exact same things in common. Below are some highlight lessons to consider from differences.

1) Differences teach us how to break out of comfort zones. If we always stick with what we are comfortable with, that can become a hindrance to learning and growth.

2) There are often similarities even in the midst of differences. We all have unique parts of ourselves. Sometimes when we take a deeper look at our interests, environments and lifestyles, there can be similar experiences.

3) We don’t have to have a lot in common to unite. Sometimes differences are a challenge for some to unite with others. We don’t have to compromise who we are, what we believe and our standards to love, share, give, receive and learn.

4) Outward appearance is not the complete story or information. There is usually more to why people do what they do.

5) Diversity can be used as a tool to bring about courage, change and compassion. Our differences can be the very instrument to help and serve others.

What are some lessons that you have learned about diversity?

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5 Lessons From Work


So far in my journey, I have done various kinds of short – term, temporary, part-time and volunteer work. This is my time for practice and preparation for the future God has for me. The present and future may not look the way we want it to, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth taking the ride through. The curvy lines, bumps, pleasant and unpleasant experiences all bring forth lessons for us to learn and apply. Below are some highlight lessons to consider.

1) Difficult and challenging tasks are meant to bring out the best in you. Smooth and easy will keep one in the same place, but rough and prickly is beauty and wonderful discovery in disguise.

2) Have gratitude for the small accomplishments and step by step growth. So often we can look for the “big” or “huge”, but never see and give thanks for the simple steps forward.  Process involves pressure, but also includes a bountiful jewel in the making.

3) Don’t stay stuck looking for normal. What is normal? When you are called to be extraordinary expect the unusual and remarkable to show up.

4) Mistakes are apart of effort developed into effectiveness. No one just gets everything down perfectly and completely. Allow the mistakes to bring out improvement and growth for God alone.

5) Be the support and love to yourself. It’s natural to want it from others, but when it doesn’t come(both intentionally or unintentionally) or there’s a lack of it, show it to yourself. Be kind and loving to yourself.

What are some lessons you have learned from and through work?