Creative Services


 Inspire Me Media & Productions

Mission Statement: To inspire worldwide through media and products and to provide inspirational and creative services to businesses, organizations, groups and churches.


  • Write and publish quality spirituality and lifestyle articles and blog posts.
  • Create and design inspirational and motivational merchandise products including T – shirts, mugs, posters and other items.
  • To provide inspirational and creative content services to businesses, organizations, groups and churches such as newsletter creation & design, brochure creation & design, flyer creation & design and social media and website development.

Author Consulting & Creative Writing Coaching


  • Assisting new and recurring authors in the beginning/ duration stages of creative writing and self – publishing their book online.
  • Providing one on one consultation and a step by step approach in developing  a self – publishing plan.
  • Assisting creative writers with exercises and activities to build creative writing development.

Discovery Motion Youth Development Programs


Create, develop and provide creative and purposeful child & youth development programs.

For more information contact Crystal Holdipp at or 441-747-8786.


Testimonials and other information on Crystal’s creative services and experiences are available on LinkedIn. Click on the button link below to connect to her LinkedIn page.

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