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5 Lessons from Laughter


I love to have a good laugh and I’m sure many others do as well. There’s something special about laughing that can be a great boost  in our everyday lives. Below are 5 lessons from laughter.

1) Everything is not meant to be so serious. There’s a time to be serious and there’s a time to have fun.

2) Humor can be contagious. As laughter spreads from one person to the next, some begin to think of other things to add to the mix.

3) Laughter can bring unity among those with differences. Although people will not always agree on everything, there’s surely something they can have a chuckle on together.

4) We can get a better understanding of ourselves and others through laughter. What makes us relaxed in an environment?

5) During laughter we learn to release the situations that are bothering us and enjoy our surroundings.

What makes you laugh? How often do you have a chuckle? Go ahead and laugh hard today! 🙂