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5 Lessons from Lonliness


Loneliness… that fog of isolation and insecurity that pours into the heart, mind and soul. You try to change it and escape it, but every time you’re back at that place of emotional distress. Everyone has felt lonely at some point. Some experience it at a greater intensity than others and some even to the extreme. Whichever way a person does, it affects our lives, relationships and even lifestyles. Loneliness can be felt in solitude and it can be felt when around others. I believe the worst feeling and most painful ache is when we are around other people and it won’t go away.

When the laughing and talking surrounds you, but somehow you just have trouble getting in the mix and you always seem to be an outsider. You don’t fit in anywhere or in most cases you appear to be an outcast or loner. To some they may express for you to get over it or brush it off as if they don’t care or it don’t matter to them. I speak and write out for the speakless and writeless.

Loneliness can be very painful. It’s not a sin to feel lonely, but sin can be committed during the experience – if a person yields or gives in to it. Some experience it for a period of time in their lives and others it seems like a never-ending cycle. Below are a few words and lessons to consider.

1) Only God can really meet that need of satisfaction, intimacy, fulfillment and joy. No matter what, anything outside of God will never bring completeness and will have its imperfections and disappointments.

2) Empty and deep voids help display that we have a need that only the Savior can fill. It is through this void the Lord can show his power, strength and provision.

3) Reach out to other people who show signs of loneliness. You can’t remove their pain, but sometimes the person having a listening ear or just someone to keep them pleasant company helps. If we see something and we can help, why not?

4) Distract and throw out negative thoughts. This is something we all have to work on. Satan attacks every human mind. He can use something that may be true to trap and tangle us up.

5) Feeling and experiencing things are apart of being human and living on earth. We can’t escape discomfort, pain and other unpleasant happenings, but we can learn lessons through them. Growth comes through learning and applying.

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Greatest Lessons from Rejection

negative-42774_640 one enjoys it. It’s like a rotten taste to the senses. The sting hurts and brings a feeling of being unwanted and not accepted. People often reject those who they don’t understand or are different. Rejection has more to do with the person rejecting than the person who is rejected. Sometimes it’s intentional and other times it’s unintentional. Either way it still hurts.In defense those rejected may reject someone else. Jesus was rejected often and intensely and He still loved and forgave unconditionally. In fact, the Son of God still gets rejected today by many, yet nothing can take away His love.  Below are a few reflections of lessons and thoughts from rejection.

Love brings healing and destroys the spirit of rejection. Rejection can sometimes be a form of hatred towards another. Love is the hate breaker.

The ability to love in such a way can only come from the Lord. When we try to love in our own ability we will mess up every time. It’s only the love of the Lord that transforms in such a way.

  Be open to differences. I didn’t say you have to agree with everything or do everything and anything. I’m saying just because someone is different doesn’t mean there’s nothing valuable that they have.

 Diversity is needed. If everything is the same then what’s the point? Variety spices things up and makes it more interesting and intriguing. It makes the world spin around!

Include others that are usually excluded. If you know what rejection is like, then maybe you are surrounded around the least likely person, the misfit or the underdog. Look out for those who are often turned away if you can.

Be or give a voice to the voiceless. There are many people who have the platform or opportunity to speak for the voiceless. Maybe you’re able to give someone a chance to speak what’s needed.

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Identity: Embracing Who We Are


Identity… the world displays so many distorted views its easier for many to be confused, in conflict or in crisis with whom God created them to be. Labels are everywhere. Books, folders, food items and sometimes are even put on people. Outward appearances, education, background, personality are sometimes the fuel that we are tempted in using to figure out who we are. Until the ideas begin to shatter and even at some point let us down. Looks are deceiving!! What looks a certain way outwardly may not be the same way inwardly. It is good to know that in spite of the labels and how we and others may  see us, the God that knows the ending from the beginning knows us deeply and even more better than we can know ourselves. Yet in spite of the things that might be less appealing or glamorous, He loves us and is willing to help us through anything.

“For the Lord seeth not as man seeth. For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”(1Samuel 16: 7)

This tells me that it is where your heart is that matters most. Sometimes we put negative labels on ourselves and find it hard to shake it off. Perhaps we experienced a disappointment or failure and are finding it hard to let it go or to forgive ourselves. We must let go of the deceptive and untrue labels and embrace the true gem and treasure that God has created us with. God wants us to be free and not being bound by false identities.

We all have flaws, have made mistakes and have sinned. The hardest thing for a believer to do sometimes is to separate the mistake or sin from who we are in Christ. We must remember as believers that our identity is in Christ and we don’t have to hold on to the past. Sometimes it may be present stuff that we are dealing with. God can handle and fix that too.

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” (Psalms 139: 14)

That is who we are – fearfully and wonderfully made!!! There’s so much more for us to discover about ourselves and that only comes through spending time with God and trying new things that will keep us encouraged, inspired, challenged, growing and on a positive path.

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The Effectiveness of Reading: How Reading Can Bring Growth In Your Life


I enjoy reading. Not just because I love writing. Reading has a lot of valuable nuggets and tokens that can stir up exploration in many forms. Words are very effective and can have either a positive or negative impact on a person. Below are 5 ways reading can affect us in a positive light.

1) Knowledge

We can learn a lot just by reading. There are things that we never saw or known of that can educate us to try something different or understand another point of view. It’s good to expand our reading on various topics where we can get knowledge from. Perhaps we can discover uncommon findings in our adventure of reading. There are things we can learn about people, places, health, morals, relationships and more.

2) Vocabulary Builder

Not only English enthusiasts can benefit from building up their vocabulary, but everyday English speakers can build on the kinds of words they communicate with others as well. Reading is a great source for vocabulary building. As a writer and person I find reading helpful when it comes to learning new words. When I see a new word in a book or article, most times I would look it up in the dictionary for its meaning if need be. There are sometimes I would see or hear a word that I’m not sure of and it would be bothering me to find out about it. And when I do I often would already be familiar with the meaning of the word.


3) Inspiration

I have been inspired just by reading books, articles, blogs, devotionals and more. A sign on the street can be a spark of inspiration. Reading is not limited to long texts, but even one word or phrase can be enough to digest and think on. There are some things that I’ve read that has encouraged and helped me on my journey. What book(s) have made a difference in your life? How can you use it to help others in return?

4) Relaxation 

Stressed? Tired? Grab a book! There are many books, articles, comics and magazines that offer entertainment and fun. Clean, fun and positive reading can be a great source to chew on. Why not relax, read and refresh all in one?

5) Ideas

I have gotten writing ideas and other forms of activity ideas just by reading. You can create, remake and cultivate through those conceptions. Look for ideas when reading and you never know what may come out of them when you carefully try them.

What effects has reading had on you lately? How will you use them for a great cause?

   A Few Books To Discover 

A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself & Live in the Security of God's Promises
5 of 5 stars
This book spoke to my heart and I enjoyed the words on the pages. It challenged me in some ways and it encouraged and inspired me deeply.
Fifteen Minutes
5 of 5 stars
Love this book and the message it brings!!! Fame is definitely not worth the cost!!! It’s a reminder that nothing is worth losing our faith in God.
5 of 5 stars
This book was definitely a great read! I can relate to Bailey in this book. It’s a similar journey I’m on. I’m in a place of transition and sense that God is about to do something new and is about to take me to a place where I have never been.
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Give Thanks In The Trials and Tests


It’s easy to give thanks when things are going good and smooth, but the true test of a thankful heart is giving thanks when we face all kinds of trials, tests, temptations and affliction. A good example of someone in the bible who had a thankful heart was Job. God blessed Job abundantly and when everything was taken away He still praised God. Below is a poem I wrote on thanksgiving.

With A Thankful Heart

With a thankful heart I lift my hands,

With a thankful heart I can dance.

With a thankful heart I praise you Lord,

With a thankful heart I adore.

With a thankful heart I look beyond the trials and tests I face,

With a thankful heart I know strength comes only by your grace.

With a thankful heart I long to know you more,

With a thankful heart I will soar.

With a thankful heart I seek your face,

With a thankful heart I love that secret place.

With a thankful heart that experiences hurt and pain,

With a thankful heart yet I will still praise.

I praise you Lord for all you have done,

I praise you Lord no matter what storm may come.

I lift my eyes to you with a thankful heart full of praise,

With a thankful heart who is totally amazed.

  ©2015 Crystal Holdipp    

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Embrace Your Artistry


I was walking home from town and as I was enjoying the walk, this lady that saw me grow up came in passing. She asked me, ‘Where are you working now?’ I told her that I’m just doing freelance writing part-time. Every time someone asks me are you working or something close to it, I have that dread feeling of discontent. The lady stopped me in my tracks and poured lots of encouragement and wisdom on me. Little did I know my walk home would lead me on a message concerning the art and beauty within me. This messenger encouraged me to dig deeper with my writing and to explore art more. She built me up with words that there is a lot within me and that I need to not focus on what’s going on around me. As she continued in her words, she told me not to think lowly of myself because I’m not doing the traditional living of where people expect us to be and how we should do things. Once again I was encouraged to create my own establishment of art.

Some may not know, but I’ve been interested in and explored various kinds of art. Art such as performing arts, fine arts and writing. Being creative is beautiful! We should never be ashamed of our artistry and we must learn to embrace it. Regardless of our circumstances.  Art is beauty within that sparkles outwardly in many forms. What art do have in you? Are you embracing the artistry within? Sometimes we wait to see what happens or we may have a lack of courage or motivation because of what we think we don’t have. With God we have everything that we could have never imagined. Taking small steps and then bigger ones will lead us on a brighter path. There is no limit to our art! Embrace your artistry!


10 Things You May Not Know About Me


The moments and experiences in our lives are all apart of our journey of growth and development. Below are 10 things you may not not know(or maybe you do 🙂 ) about me.

1) My middle name ‘Helena’ is named after my great grandmother’s first name(on my mother’s side). Never got to meet her, but I heard she was a good woman.

2) When I was a little girl, I met and took a picture with actress Victoria Rowell. My mom had taken me in Victoria Park in my Sunday dress after church. My mother told me she said my dress is pretty. Wish we got the picture the photographer took of us.

3) I was born with fluid in my lungs.

4)  I ate Ovaltine out of the jar as a kid and was very addicted to it. 🙂

5) My first trip was to Boston at the age of 5 years old.

6) When I was toddler I wandered of somewhere and got lost in the hospital. Curious me went on an elevator and ended up in the basement. Thank God my dad found me safe. To this day, I never really like going on elevators.

7) For a period of time during my late teens, I didn’t eat beef or pork. I attempted to change my eating habits.

8) When writing on paper or in a notebook, I only comfortably write when the paper or book is slanted. That’s how my lefty works.

9) I’m allergic to penicillin. So glad my parents found that out early.

10) I have a minor in Early Childhood Education.

What are ten things that you can think about yourself? Why not take the time to think about it and thank God for how he has kept you and the work He is doing in your life?