Deeply Rooted

Two weeks ago I had a physical emergency that needed to be taken care of as soon as it could. It was my wisdom tooth causing complications in my mouth. I had an idea that it needed to be removed, but needed it to be checked by a dentist. So I go in to theContinue reading “Deeply Rooted”

Lessons From Genesis

All through the bible there are lessons, warnings, encouragement and instructions for every person. Genesis the beginning of the Word of God sets a foundation for the rest of the chapters and bible life to unfold. Below are some lessons from Genesis to consider.   1) God our Creator has unlimited power in everything. HeContinue reading “Lessons From Genesis”

The Road to Destruction is Paved with Good Intentions

    In one’s spiritual life, having good intentions is not enough. The definition of good intentions is wanting to do or planning to do something positive. Everyone needs to have relationship, commitment and love for God. Sometimes we have good intent, but there are temptations that we all face. Temptation is not where weContinue reading “The Road to Destruction is Paved with Good Intentions”

Gospel Music Today

There are a variety of gospel music styles. Styles like traditional, hip hop, dance – hall, reggae, jazz, country, R & B and more. The spiritual tunes leave you with many songs to choose from.  Gospel music has a great impact in the lives of people. It brings encouragement to many and ministers to them.Continue reading “Gospel Music Today”

My Current Gospel Songs Playlist

I love, love and love gospel music. I’m not ashamed to say that either. I was exposed to lots of it as a kid. It’s nothing like that JESUS music. That uplifting, soulful and in the spirit music! Here are 6 of my tops that I’ve been listening to lately. 1) Imagine Me by KirkContinue reading “My Current Gospel Songs Playlist”