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Prayer Points: Praying for Provision


There are times we are in situations that we don’t know how to get out of. Wonderings of the heart and mind saying: How did I get in this? How do I get out of this? What do I do in this? How do I continue living in this? Sometimes it seems the bigger the efforts made by us and the desire craved, the higher the odds pile up. How does daily bread manifest in our lives when we are running on low of the very life we have and we are in need of life support? Below are some points, questions and thoughts to consider on when we are in need of provision when we feel powerless.


Prayer Point: ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’

Our daily bread is the provision of our daily needs. What are the necessities that we need daily, in a world that showcases the tasty, sweet and overflowing with glamour? Where our wants are advertised confusing us with what we really need.

What are your daily needs?

What are the daily needs of your family?

What are the daily needs of our community?

What are the daily needs of the strangers, friends and acquaintances around us?

What are the daily needs of the nation?

What are the daily needs of the world?


Luke 18:1 encourages us “that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.”

That simply lets us know even when the odds are piling up and seems to get bigger than our desire and tries to threaten our needs of ever getting met – we are to continue in prayer for the needs.

What do we do when adversity seems to advance further than the outcome of our continual efforts? Prayer is what we have to hold on to when everything else seems to go away.

Sometimes fainting may lie and say that is the only thing we have left to do.

Fainting into despair.

Fainting into disbelief.

Fainting into desperation.

There’s something that needs to be revived in us again.

Revival of prayer, faith, walking in God’s will, declaring and decreeing specifically the needs and being relentless in the part we are responsible for.

Jehovah Jireh: God our Provider,

Reveal who you are in our daily lives. We give you praise and thanks for all the past and present revelations and provisions that you have been to us. Lord revive in us the faith that lives on and rescue us from fainting when we are overwhelmed, exhausted and dehydrated within. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


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There’s A Message In Your Storm


We all face storms of different kinds. The visible – natural storm of lightning and hard rain and sounds of thundering and heavy winds, can be reflection or simile of the violent and painful force many face in their emotions, finances, relationships, minds and more. God always has a message in every storm that He wants us to hear, listen and obey.

Sometimes it takes the ragging seas and roaring winds to get our attention. Pride, worldly and fleshly desires often get in the way. No one is exempt from doing nothing and everyone needs chastening and correction from the loving Father. While shedding silent or physical tears consider, Lord what are you saying to me/us in this storm? The disturbance doesn’t always come because we are being punished. Everyone faces challenging and tempest times. In the midst of the gale, God will pick you up even after a fall. Below are some highlights that we can consider while going through.

 God must remain #1: Earthly and material possessions will not be a lasting refuge and strength when a twister and tornado of chaos shows up.

Develop a growing trust: As our trust grows we know that there are some things that only the Almighty God can do and will do and that nothing can keep us from His power, provision and protection.

   Revelation is revealed: Sometimes it’s in the darkest moments and whirlwind explosions that divine revelation is poured out into our spirits and hearts. We hear him in that voice that comes to bring clarity, comfort, conviction and connection.

  Are you currently in a storm? What are some things that you do that helps you endure?