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5 Lessons Through Nature


Nature is something I enjoy spending time it. Spending time in nature helps me to continue and sharpen my observation and exploration abilities. Thoughts and reflections often come during those times that may not come at other times. The natural beauty of nature is catching to the eyes and therapy to the mind and soul.

Below are some highlighted lessons through nature.


1) Nature has natural art and creative tools all for free. When an artist and creative explores their outdoor surroundings, the scenery can become a toolbox. Leaves, rocks, flowers, other plants and almost anything you can find outside can be used for nature projects.


2) New discoveries can be found outdoors everyday. Those that have interests in nature and adventure often find and see what they have never seen before.


3) Nature is given to God’s creation to enjoy. Once this belief is embraced it can be experienced.


4) Outdoor creatures take full advantage of their environment. The creatures can often be seen gathering and hunting for what they need.


5) Nature isn’t always a pleasant sight or smell, but it’s real. Life is like this in the sense of not always having it all glamorous,  but you can experience the realness(if that’s a word lol) of it.


What lessons have you learned through nature? 


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5 Lessons from the Rain


Today it’s raining here in Bermuda. Pouring raining! I’m glad that I’m nicely inside. 🙂  Well I thought of some lessons that we could learn from the rain.

1) Rain is apart of growth: Just like natural rain is needed for water and food supply, rainy seasons of our lives are needed for growth and development.

2) Rain is cleansing: As the rain naturally pours down and washes away things, so does the stormy rains that can help wash away the clutter; hindrances and other things that are no longer needed in our lives.

3) Rain is refreshing: Spiritual rain can restore our souls and renew us within.

4) Rain pushes us beyond comfort: For those of us that love to stay dry and warm, when sudden rain comes and there’s no shelter near; we have no choice but to keep doing what we need to do in order to get where we want to go.

5) Rain produces something: Rain is productive. Without it we wouldn’t see the beauty of our environment.

Thank God for rain!