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5 Skin Care Reminders


Ever felt like there’s something missing from your skin health? Skin care is just as important as any other part of our health. All skin shades are beautiful and deserve the attention it needs. I’m no expert but here are some tip reminders on improving on taking care of our skin.



  • Drink More Water: I’m guilty! I don’t drink the amount of water as I should. There’s something about having a sweet tooth. Water is essential for healthy skin care. It leaves the skin looking clearer.


  • Keep it moisturized: Natural skin products like olive oil and more are available at various pharmacies and stores. When skin is moisturized it definitely looks and feels healthier.
  • Wear Sun Screen: During the summer and warmer months it gets hotter and our skin needs to be protected. A great way to protect the skin is by using a suitable sunscreen.
  • Include Vitamin D in Diet: Vitamin D is known to help the skin to be healthy.
  • Consuming Healthy Foods: Eating healthy foods is good for every part of our health including our skin. Fruits and vegetables are an important factor in consuming healthy foods.

What are some skin care products that work for you? How do you maintain the care of your skin?